Why choose Master's and Doctoral Programs from FGV-EAESP?

International accreditations
FGV’s São Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV/EAESP) is one of the few Business Schools worldwide which has the three main accreditations for business schools – AACSB, EFMD and AMBA. FGV/EAESP is the only institution whose quality is recognized by these three international accreditors, and the only one to possess triple-crown accreditation.
Accreditation is a voluntary non-governmental and continuous quality evaluation process of educational institutions and their programs, which is performed by a specialized organization, using explicit criteria and based on best management practices and the quality of the business schools.
Quality and continuous improvement
FGV/EAESP Programs have a highly qualified faculty group, besides an excellent physical and operational infrastructure and financial support for research and publication.
Excellence in Research and Education
FGV/EAESP Master's and Doctoral Programs contribute to the education of the next generation of academic elite in Business Administration in Brazil, providing researchers and professors with the qualifications they need to work in various segments of society.
Graduate Program Evaluation

Our tradition, excellence and innovation have enabled us to become one of the best business schools in Latin America with our outstanding performance and an excellent evaluation in the Brazilian Ministry of Education Award (CAPES),  a government organization that evaluates education in Brazil.

Scholarships and support for education

FGV/EAESP offers scholarships that are awarded by research agencies and also provides study opportunities in its graduate programs. 

International Involvement - Preparing to act in a globalized world

Aware of the importance of an education that focuses on the global market, FGV/EAESP offers Master’s and Doctoral students the opportunity to participate in internship programs abroad, as well to attend courses offered by visiting foreign professors at FGV/EAESP’s  Winter School. FGV/EAESP also offers internships to doctoral students in foreign universities with scholarships offered by Brazilian research agencies.



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