Organizational Studies

Central Theme
Perspectives on organizations and organizational dynamics

The Organizational Studies field has grown substantially over the past five decades and today encompasses a great variety of themes, schools, methods and approaches.

At FGV-EAESP, the Organizational Studies group was started as a result of the counseling and contributions of Fernando Claudio Prestes Motta, Ramon Garcia and Mauricio Tragtenberg. Such contributions were characterized by a reflective and critical approach to organizations and their dynamics. Another significant trait of their writing and classes was the dialogue with other courses, such as sociology, anthropology and psychology, and a concern with the local context, especially when it pertained to cultural aspects.

In its current configuration, the Organization Studies Concentration area aims to generate studies that continue this tradition and feed off the most recent theoretical advancements in the field in Brazil and around the world. By way of articles, books, theses and dissertations, we intend to foster studies at the macro, mezzo and micro levels that will shed an inquiring light on organizations and their processes.

This Concentration area has a special affinity with reflective and critical research groups, such as the ones at Paris Dauphine, Manchester, Lancaster and Cardiff universities, having become one of the most internationally connected groups in Brazil. This international presence, combined with a genuine concern with local issues, sustains the group’s leadership in the field, as well as its search for conceptual and methodological innovation.

We consider it essential to attract young researchers who share this perspective and have an interest in developing studies that  will help analyze and interpret  the most relevant organizational phenomena today in an innovative way.

The objective is to contribute to the dissemination of theoretical and applied knowledge about management and organizations in Brazil, through empirical studies.
Current Members of the Permanent Faculty

In the following links you will find the respective professors’ CVs, their published works and the supervision they provided for dissertations and theses.

Prof. Joana Story (leader) 
Prof. Rafael Alcadipani  
Prof. Maria José Tonelli
Prof. Isleide Arruda Fontenelle
Prof. Amon Narciso de Barros
Prof. Ann Louise Cunliffe 

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