Transformations in the State and Public Policies

Analysis of the State and its recent transformations, the  formulation, implementation and evaluation processes of public policies, and the emergence of new ways of providing  and managing  public services.  

Current Members of the Permanent Faculty

In the following links you will find the respective professors’ CVs, their published works and the supervision  they provided for dissertations and theses.

Prof. Kurt Eberhart Von Mettenheim  (leader)    
Prof. Fernando Luiz Abrucio     
Prof. José Antonio Puppim de Oliveira
Prof. Lauro Emilio Gonzalez Farias      
Prof. Luiz Carlos Bresser Gonçalves Pereira     
Prof. Maria Rita Garcia Loureiro      

Prof. Regina Silvia Viotto M. Pacheco      

Contributing Professor
Prof. Cibele Franzese      


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