Government and Civil Society at the Local and State Levels

Over the past few decades, public management in Brazil has undergone several changes, one of the most significant being the enhanced role played by local and state governments and the greater articulation between government and civil society as far as public policy is concerned.
With the transfer of resources and competencies from federal government to the state and local levels, starting with the 1988 Constitution, local government has become an important focus point for the emergence of innovative public policies. This innovation process began to respond to  new challenges being faced by local governments due to many factors, including: the creativity of local public officials, the consolidation of new institutions at the local level, the framework offered by policies and programs developed at higher levels, the potential for raising funds or the availability of resources coming from transfers, and the existence of an ample process of participation by civil society.
Simultaneously, at the international level financing agencies began to emphasize the role of civil society in the construction of  democracy, both in Eastern European post-communist countries and developing nations. Civil society’s participation created new challenges for researchers in the field of Public Administration, especially in social management, which involves both actions by the State at all its levels and actions by civil organizations (such as NGOs, traditional associations, class organizations, social movements, cooperatives and all the other entities that became known as the Third Sector), as well as social investments that originated from  the private sector.

Current Members of the Permanent Faculty

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Prof. Marco Antonio Carvalho Teixeira  (leader)     
Prof. Ana Maria Malik     
Prof. Eduardo Henrique Diniz     
Prof. Francisco César P. Fonseca       
Prof. Mário Aquino Alves     
Profa. Marlei Pozzebon  

Profa. Marta Ferreira Santos Farah   

Contributing Professor
Prof. Ana Cristina Braga Martes      
Prof. Peter Kevin Spink         

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