Politics and Economics of the Public Sector

Main Objective

The relationship between politics and economics in understanding the restrictions and potentialities related to public policies at the three levels of government (Federal, State and Local). In general, the research is concerned with understanding the influence exerted by institutions over public policy. The scale of the analysis varies greatly, as well as the institutions studied, but the original question remains. For example, studying the relationship between a state’s party system and its decisions concerning budgetary allocation is different from studying the relationship between the state’s tax system and the country’s welfare. However, in both cases, there is an institution having an influence on the decisions made about public policy. 

Current Members of the Permanent Faculty

In the following links you will find the respective professors’ CVs, their published works and the supervision  they provided for dissertations and theses.

Prof. Ciro Biderman  (leader)         
Prof. Claudio Gonçalves Couto     
Prof. George Avelino Filho       
Prof. Nelson Marconi         
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